DIY might cost a lot than hiring End of Tenancy Cleaning company

The days are moving by fast and the last thing you are left to tick off on your tenancy agreement is the cleanliness state of the premises you are vacating. You have two options; DIY or call in the professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Company. If you are like most people, you might be seriously considering DIY based on the assumption that it is going to save you tons of money. Well, money aside, why would you want to spend a whole day cleaning and scrubbing for end of tenancy cleaning? Unless you really love cleaning and trust only you to do a great job or are a professional end of tenancy cleaner and so you are aware of all the steps needed to do it well and easily. Did you know that DIY might cost a lot than what you would part with as cleaning charges to end of tenancy cleaning in London? Let us look at the main resources;


Since you are thinking that DIY is going to save you money, you will probably involve immediate family members that require no pay or are doing the cleanup alone. It is obvious that you will get tired at some point during the exercise; resting means that work has to take a rest too. A cleaning exercise that would take professionals a day to complete takes you a week. Would you rather do something else during this time then hire the experts for end of tenancy cleaning in London? There are many things you can do; take overtime at work, take you dog for a walk or simply give yourself that long overdue self-appreciation treatment.


Unless you are professional, there is little chance that the equipment needed to do deep cleaning of the house is lying somewhere around the house. This means that for every area of the premises that needs cleaning using a specialized tool, you will have to buy it. What happens to what you have bought after the cleaning has been completed? It becomes redundant until the next time you or a close family member wants to use it for DIY? It is great having such tools lying around in the house but if you do not use them often or to generate income, they are just another expense that eats at your income.


Licensed end of tenancy cleaning companies in London cushions home owners and tenants from losses that may arise in the course of cleaning. Since they are insured, any damage to property at the time of cleaning is refunded by the service company. If you were to do cleaning by yourself, you would not know how to handle a wet lighting fixture for instance or how to take apart the microwave to clean it. Many things are bound to get spoilt and the cost will be on you. That’s why it might be worth to engage a professional End of Tenancy Cleaning London company.

Not in any way intended to deter you from DIY but honestly speaking, the hustle is just too much; you would rather leave it to the professionals and enjoy your new home.

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